8 Shawwaal 1442
21 May 2021





“They (the kuffaar even) all of them cannot fight you except from inside fortresses or from behind walls. Their mutual fighting amongst them is severe. You (O Muslims!) think that they are united whilst (in reality) their hearts are apart. And that is because they are a people who lack intelligence.” (Al-Hashr, Aayat 14)


The ceasefire brokered by Israel’s bosom ally, Egypt was in reality to save the severely mauled Israel from further mauling by Hamas and the large scale internal uprisings of Palestinians in almost all Israeli cities – something which had never happened since the inception of the U.S. satellite sate.


It is quite clear that in the current war, Israel had taken a thorough pounding. Despite supressing the damage and casualties inside Israel, informed observers are aware of the actual situation which has compelled Israel to sue for the ceasefire.


Although Hamas is not a Shariah state, Allah Ta’ala has been merciful to enable them to withstand the barbaric aerial slaughter of the Yahood as well as inflict considerable damage inside Israel with their barrages of rockets.


Israel has ringed the tiny Gaza enclave with tanks and 5000 troops, but it did not dare stage its much proclaimed land invasion. The Yahood, is a cowardly race. They fully understand the consequences of a land invasion, hence Israel restricted its murderous onslaught to murderous air bombardment and   long range weapons to pound Gaza.


The murderous Israeli bombardment besides killing hundreds of civilians including scores of children, and pummelling residential buildings, did not achieve its stated objective of incapacitating the arsenal of Hamas.  Alhamdulillah, Hamas has achieved what the entire gamut of more than 60 governments of Muslim countries have failed to do. All these governments are kuffaar.  Some of these miserable kuffaar states such as Kuwait, have managed to offer lip service ‘support’ – hollow support – meaningless support.


The Israeli military comes within the scope of the aforementioned Qur’aanic aayat. That is why the land invasion did not take place. If Hamas can only understand that aid is from only Allah, and focus on Allah, victory will be for them.


“There is no aid except  from  Allah, The Powerful, The Wise.” (Qur’aan)




A Concerned Sister writes: “This morning I saw pictures coming from Gaza regarding the ceasefire. They are celebrating, However, not a single one is wearing a topi or a kurtah or even having a Sunnah beard. They are celebrating with fireworks in the way kuffaar celebrate. Could this be the reason why they are being trampled on by the Yahud? It is clear that they have lost the essence of the Sunnah and Islam?  (End of the Sister’s letter)



The reason for the Palestinians as well as other suffering Muslim communities being trampled on and humiliated by the Yahood and Nasaara is no conundrum. They are a miserable, wretched lot of fussaaq and fujjaar who have not lost only the “essence of the Sunnah and Islam”. They have lost Islam itself. They appear to be atheists.


That is why they are being trampled on. This trampling will incrementally continue as long as they trample on the Deen whilst professing to be Muslims. As long as they pillage and plunder Islam, the Yahood will ravage and brutalize them.


These Palestinians, instead of ‘celebrating’ in Musjid Aqsa or elsewhere with Salaat and Thikrullaah, acquitted themselves as do drunken kuffaar louts. They are bereft of any conception of the Deen. Their Islam is restricted to screaming hollow Takbir slogans. Their Deeni indifference does not permit them to derive lessons from the ‘lesser’ punishment which Allah Ta’ala has inflicted on them via the Yahood cog. These kuffaar are cogs in Allah’s Machinery of Athaab.


Allah Ta’ala warning them says in His Qur’aan Majeed: “We shall certainly give them to taste of the lesser punishment not the greater punishment, for perhaps they may return (unto the Path of Allah Ta’ala).”


Instead of heeding and deriving lesson, they indulge in reckless kuffaar style celebrations. They can now expect the Greater Punishment. Their celebration is absolute Satanism. From their conduct it is not possible to infer that they are Muslims. Only Allah Ta’ala can open their blinded spiritual eyes.  About them the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“The physical eyes are not blind, But the hearts within the breasts are blind.”


The Yahood have taken maximum advantage of such spiritual blindness to trample on the Palestinians.


“………We have sent against you such of Our servants (i.e. kuffaar ‘servants’) who are powerful in warfare. Then they penetrated the cities…”


Today Muslims are treasonists. They have betrayed Allah Ta’ala, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and Islam. That is why this entire Ummah is today disgracefully licking the boots of the Yahood and Nasaara and considering it an honour.

“What! Do you search from them honour (with your bootlicking)? Verily, all honour belongs to only Allah.”  (Qur’aan)