14 Muharram 1442
23 August 2021



QUESTION: Kindly offer naseehat regarding the Taiban issue. Someone said they are working hand in hand with USA to eventually go into war with China. What is your opinion?


ANSWER: It is too early for venturing an opinion on the Taliban. Only after they have consolidated themselves, and established their government will their direction become discernible.


Currently in the state of confusion coming in the wake of their rapid rise to power and the confused mad retreat of the world’s superpowers, and the total collapse of the puppet government, the Taliban appear to be in some confusion regarding the path of governance they have to chalk out.


Understand well that the Taliban despite being men of the Deen are not the Sahaabah. They do not have even an infinitesimal degree of the Taqwa of the Sahaabah. Therefore, one should not expect them to react like the Sahaabah who would saunter up to the Roman and Persian kings seated on their thrones, with drawn swords demanding subservience to Islam with the alternative of Jihad should they refuse. The Sahaabah had no mission other that I’laa-e-Kalimatullah (to raise the Word of Allah) on the hilltops of the world.  In this mission they blindly followed the minutest details of the Shariah without the slightest comprise. They struck no conciliatory note with the forces of kufr and shirk.


During the Khilaafate of Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) when the siege of a certain city was prolonged, he became restless. He sent a missive to the Commander of the army stating that he suspected that the army had abandoned some act of the Sunnah, hence the setback resulting in the long drawn siege. When the Commander made investigations on the order of Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu), he discovered that almost the entire army had abandoned the Miswaak. Attributing the setback to this abandonment, Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) ordered the army to immediately begin using the Miswaak. With the reinstatement of the use of the Miswaak, victory followed swiftly. The city was taken quickly by the Muslim army.


This attitude should not be expected from the Taliban who are suffering from numerous Imaani and Akhlaaqi defects despite them being the best group of the Ummah of this era. Their standard of Tawakkul has degenerated from even the level of Tawakkul of their former Amir, Mullah Omar who had at least made sincere endeavours to keep the Movement on the Path of the Shariah. There were no conciliatory, i.e. bootlicking overtures by Mullah Omar. He had made it abundantly clear to the U.S.A., the other Western powers and the Pakistani government that  if the choice is between handing over Usama Bin Laden to the kuffaar and  losing the country to these kuffaar,  he will opt for the latter. True to his pledge to uphold the Shariah and the honour of his Guest, Usama, Mulla Omar remained firm, did not buckle to pressure to commit treachery, and saw Afghanistan being invaded by the savage forces of the so-called superpower powers of the world. The outcome of the 20 year Jihad struggle against the aggressors is being played out today.


We reproduce here the statement of Mullah Omar:

Mullah Omar - in his own words

Wed 26 Sep 2001 10.51 BST

This12-minute interview with Mullah Omar Mohammad, the Taliban leader, was conducted in Pashtu for the publicly-funded radio channel Voice of America. The broadcast was pulled last Friday, following objections from the US deputy secretary of state and senior officials of the National Security Council.

Voice of America interviewer: Why don't you expel Osama bin Laden?

Omar: This is not an issue of Osama bin Laden. It is an issue of Islam. Islam's prestige is at stake. So is Afghanistan's tradition.

VOA: Do you know that the US has announced a war on terrorism?

Omar: I am considering two promises. One is the promise of God, the other is that of Bush. The promise of God is that my land is vast. If you start a journey on God's path, you can reside anywhere on this earth and will be protected... The promise of Bush is that there is no place on earth where you can hide that I cannot find you. We will see which one of these two promises is fulfilled.


VOA: But aren't you afraid for the people, yourself, the Taliban, your country?

Omar: Almighty God... is helping the believers and the Muslims. God says he will never be satisfied with the infidels. In terms of worldly affairs, America is very strong. Even if it were twice as strong or twice that, it could not be strong enough to defeat us. We are confident that no one can harm us if God is with us.

VOA: You are telling me you are not concerned, but Afghans all over the world are concerned.

Omar: We are also concerned. Great issues lie ahead. But we depend on God's mercy. Consider our point of view: if we give Osama away today, Muslims who are now pleading to give him up would then be reviling us for giving him up... Everyone is afraid of America and wants to please it. But Americans will not be able to prevent such acts like the one that has just occurred because America has taken Islam hostage. If you look at Islamic countries, the people are in despair. They are complaining that Islam is gone. But people remain firm in their Islamic beliefs. In their pain and frustration, some of them commit suicide acts. They feel they have nothing to lose.

VOA: What do you mean by saying America has taken the Islamic world hostage?

Omar: America controls the governments of the Islamic countries. The people ask to follow Islam, but the governments do not listen because they are in the grip of the United States. If someone follows the path of Islam, the government arrests him, tortures him or kills him. This is the doing of America. If it stops supporting those governments and lets the people deal with them, then such things won't happen. America has created the evil that is attacking it. The evil will not disappear even if I die and Osama dies and others die. The US should step back and review its policy. It should stop trying to impose its empire on the rest of the world, especially on Islamic countries.

VOA: So you won't give Osama bin Laden up?

Omar: No. We cannot do that. If we did, it means we are not Muslims... that Islam is finished. If we were afraid of attack, we could have surrendered him the last time we were threatened and attacked. So America can hit us again, and this time we don't even have a friend.

VOA: If you fight America with all your might - can the Taliban do that? Won't America beat you and won't your people suffer even more?

Omar: I'm very confident that it won't turn out this way. Please note this: there is nothing more we can do except depend on almighty God. If a person does, then he is assured that the Almighty will help him, have mercy on him and he will succeed.


(End of Mullah Omar’s statement)


The Taliban today lack the mettle displayed by their former Amir, Mullah Omar.Today’s Taliban are plagued by numerous deficiencies in terms of the Shariah. The primary defect is weakness of Tawakkul which is the cause for the ‘conciliatory’ (bootlicking) murmurs emanating from the Taliban leadership. Whilst they still retain the spirit of fighting and the ability to bear hardships, they are deficient in spiritual stamina (Roohaaniyat), hence the lamentable ‘conciliatory’ attitude. When Taqwa is lacking, the mind becomes increasingly focused on the worldly means and agencies. Then, a myriad of logical and even Fiqhi interpretations are presented to negate the spirit and the objectives of Islam.


The entire Taliban leadership is located in Napakistan (the Impure Land).  For more than two decades, Pakistan has hosted the Taliban leadership, not because it (Pakistan) has any affinity with Islam, but because of the fear for the Cow-worshippers and Cow-urine drinkers of India. The secular governments of Afghanistan were pro-India and anti-Pakistan. The only Group capable of acting as a powerful barrier against India was the Taliban, hence Pakistani support for them.


The evil ‘conciliatory’ move of a Taliban delegation going to Russia and China to enter into bootlicking negotiations was due to Pakistan twisting their arm. Since the focus is not 100% of Allah Ta’ala and the Aakhirat, the Taliban felt obliged to submit to the demand of the kufr authorities of Pakistan who are in an embrace with China.  While the U.S.  is a supporter of India, China  supports Pakistan.  Thus, ostensibly the Taliban have abandoned the Chinese Muslims to appease China. The same applies to the Chechen Muslims who have been ostensibly deserted by the Taliban at the behest of Pakistan to appease the Russian kuffaar.


Appeasing the brutal Western superpowers who had pulverized Afghanistan for two decades raining down millions of tons of bombs on villages, the Taliban have allegedly ‘urged’ women to join its future government. What this means is indeed a conundrum as far as the Shariah is concerned. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Never will prosper a nation who entrusts its affairs to a woman.” This statement specifically decries female participation in government. The Taliban have proffered this haraam ‘urge’ to appease the very barbarians whom they (the Taliban) have routed and defeated on the battlefield. It remains to be seen if they will practically implement this haraam.


A Taliban spokesman said on the occasion of the capture of Kabul: “The Islamic Emirate doesn’t want women to be victims. They should be in government structure according to Shariah law.” What this riddle means, remains to be seen.   Shariah Law does not allow female participation in government. What is meant by women not being ‘victims’? Victims of what?

Victims of Allah’s Law as interpreted by the West and the Zanaadaqah masquerading as Muslims!


While Allah Ta’ala was granting the Taliban battlefield success and victories, they engaged in talks in Qatar at the behest of the kufr Pakistani government. There was no need for Men of Islam who are able to wield the Sword of Jihad to go all the way to Qatar to bootlick the kuffaar powers which were brutalizing the Ummah. Instead of going to Qatar and submitting to haraam acts and haraam procedures, the Taliban should have clarified that those who are genuinely pursuing the path of peace should come to Afghanistan for talks. In Qatar, the Taliban had to compromise of Islamic principles.


Then we see the Taliban indulging in the major sin of pictures and videos. While they ostensibly are the staunchest upholders of Purdah, expecting the women of Afghanistan to strictly observe Hijaab, they (the Taliban), enter into discourse with kuffaar female reporters and government officials without observance of Hijaab.


Reporting on the Taliban takeover of Kabul, a non-Muslim press-reporter states:

“…Absent was the austere look of the traditional Taliban fighter that Afghans knew and feared. Tora Bora chic was evidently so last season as young fighters patrolled the streets of Kabul in trendy clothes, aviator sunglasses, baseball caps and fancy sneakers branded with the Taliban flag. Gone, too, was the fearsome full beard of the Deobandi Islamists – replaced with clean-shaven faces, once considered an absolute abhorrence by diehard traditionalists. Taliban was trending on social media platforms within hours.”


There is much concern and cause for apprehension.  If the Taliban will violate their Covenant with Allah Ta’ala, they will be displaced from power. The Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Verily, the earth belongs to Allah. He grants its sovereignty to whomever He wills. And, the ultimate success is for the Muttaqeen. (Nabi Musaa said to Bani Israaeel):  Perhaps soon will Allah destroy your enemy and make you the rulers in the earth, then He will watch you.”

Allah Ta’ala will watch the Taliban. If they turn their backs on the Shariah – if they dishonour their Pledge, Allah Ta’ala will remove them. The Qur’aan is explicit and emphatic: “For the Sunnah of Allah, you will find no change.”


If the Taliban resort to treachery, they will fall and be humiliated by Allah Ta’ala. May Allah Ta’ala guide them. May He save them from becoming bootlickers of the kuffaar.