Al-Haq Bulletin Number 64

Al-Haq Bulletin Number 64


From the misery-stricken Land of Shaam comes this report and complaint:

Dear Sheikh,

We would like to request advice from you. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has taught us that Deen is Naseehah (Advice), especially when the advice is from our elders and seniors. Our question is regarding the group known as HTS (Harkat Tahreer Shaam) in Syria. There is too much to say here but l will try to keep it as brief as possible.

The group and its actions:

It is known to you our dear Sheikh that during the early days of the Jihad in Syria there were many groups and there was an absence of law and order which made way for all sorts of unjustifiable actions. There was no security. Without getting too much into the details many Muhajireen and Ansaar with Ghairah for their Deen joined Jabhat Al-Nusrah which was the name at that time. Currently the name is HTS. The group, under a variety of pretexts, since it's initiation, did not waste time to attack other groups. Those with the group at that time did not doubt the group’s intentions in doing so as many of those that were attacked where not the best of people. 



A Sister from Pakistan writes: 

Mufti Saheb since the day these Taliban stepped in the Presidential palace they have developed a fascination for giving statements and press releases. One of them being that women will be allowed to work in government offices within the “boundaries of Shariat”. How can they be so stupid and devoid of any sense. Don't they know that there are no jobs in government as well as the private sector in their devastated country, and that the Shariat does not permit women to work in government departments. Even if one assumes that there are jobs, they should clearly announce that men will be given jobs as they bear the responsibility to earn and support the family.

Two days back their education minister Molvi Noorullah Muneer gave this statement on a video (I read it in an online news paper).

Can't these Taliban just remain quiet knowing that the eyes and ears of the Kuffar and other  governments are glued and strained towards them, waiting  to pounce on each and every word they say. Why can't they just stay silent and work towards building their war ravaged country within their means with Tawakkal on Allah Ta'ala?

What can one do other than dua.



Q. Is the Crescent moon and the Star the symbol of Islam? What is its Shariah status?
A. Although the crescent and star has become a symbol of Islam, it is not Sunnah. It is permissible. It has no Sunnah significance.


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