Al-Haq Bulletin Number 65

Al-Haq Bulletin Number 65


A Saudi brother who visited Pakistan recently, writes:

In Karachi, I went to four masaajid. None of them required social distancing or masks. All four of them had signs on the floor for social distancing, posters on the walls encouraging social-distancing, masks, washing / sanitizing hands frequently, etc. etc.. But none of them, when I was there, implemented anything. There were very few people in each masjid wearing masks voluntarily.

Two of the Musjids  were in posher areas. The other two were in lower to middle class areas. There wasn't much difference in all four with regards to the COVID protocols.

I observed that although there was no social distancing implemented, the saffs weren't exactly straight, like they were pre-COVID. Most probably people are now desensitized and careless, but nevertheless, there weren't any gaps.

Perhaps social-distancing is only implemented when the rates 'soar'. (End of letter) 

Alhamdulillah, so far the position in many Muslim countries, even in the Saudi Darul Kufr is anti-kuffaar covid protocols. Only when the kuffaar government in the Muslim countries utilize brutal force to oppress, assault and imprison Muslims,  do the people submit to the protocols of the atheists.


Turkey is plagued by a triad of kufr.  There are three  ideologies of kufr predominating in Turkey.

1. Attaturk Kufr

2. Gulenist Kufr

3. Zandaqah Kufr 

From the time of Attaturk, it was the sway of Attaturk Kufr. Gulen appeared later on the scene to begin his movement of Kufr in the name of Islam. He was an American agent. To this day he is under US protection. He resides in America where he has amassed a massive fortune.

The Zandaqah Kufr is the ideology to which Erdogan subscribes. A Zindeeq is a professed Muslim who interprets the Qur’aan and Sunnah to  conform with his whimsical fancies.

The vast  majority in Turkey today are still kuffaar labouring in the deception of being followers of Islam. There is also a small segment of the population consisting of true Muslims. It was for this tiny segment that Allah Ta’ala had installed Erdogan.



Q. In UK the ‘golden jubilee’ of the Queen will be celebrated. Is it permissible for Muslims to participate?
A. It is haraam for Muslims to participate in kuffaar functions even if it is a function in honour of the queen of UK.

Q. Can taxes be paid with interest money?
A. Taxes and fines are zulm. Interest may be used to pay these oppressive taxes.


Al-Haq Bul. 65

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