Bloated with stupid ego and hankering after false name and fame, and also suffering from the malady of hubb-e-maal (love of wealth), the molvis of this era generally believe that they are the Heirs of the Ambiya despite their absolutely putrid moral condition and academic deficiency. They are lamentably ignorant of the fact that a fundamental requisite for an Aalim is Khauf (Fear) of Allah which is the effect of Taqwa. But Taqwa is a strange concept to the molvis of this age. The Qur’aan Majeed explicitly and emphatically states: “Verily, of the servants of Allah, only the Ulama fear Him (Allah).” Minus khauf the molvi is a jaahil.

It is the cartel of such juahala which causes the greatest harm to the Deen. They are more harmful to Muslims than even the Shiahs, Gulenists and Salafis. Advising the Ulama, Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi (Rahmatullah alayh) said:


“I constantly say to my friends, the Ulama and students: Don’t consider yourselves to be like the awaam (the laiety), and say that we did such a thing because it is permissible.

Instead, Ulama are required to abstain from many permissible things as well, so that the general public is not misguided. Ulama will have to refrain from such acts which could cause confusion amongst the masses.

Likewise, they will have to stay away from such activities which do not agree with their outward appearance and position that portray them to be the friends of Allah Ta`ala, though the actions may be permissible.”     (Tuhfatul Ulama Pg.101)
(End of Mufti Shafi’s Naseehat)

For the better edification of molvis, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:  “The Mu’min will not reach the stage of the Muttaqeen as long as he does not abandon permissibilities for fear of indulging in impermissibilities.”

Nowadays, leave alone permissibilities, molvis rampantly indulge in conspicuously haraam activities. Not only do they themselves indulge flagrantly in haraam, they promote haraam and even halaalize haraam. Riba, carrion, kuffaar sports, pictography, television, merrymaking functions were numerous acts of haraam are committed, bid’ah, fisq and fujoor in general are among the vile perpetrations of molvis.  Their haraam indulgences refute their understanding of being heirs/representatives of the Ambiya. On the contrary, they are the heirs/representatives and agents of Iblees.

8 Jamaadil Awwal 1439 - 26 January 2018