Commenting on the scrap article published by the Munaafiq of MJC, Taha Karaan, a Brother writes:

Below is just one excerpt from Moulana Taha Karaan’s book in support of social distancing.

His reasoning is laughable. It is shocking that he is regarded as a prominent scholar. Then again, even Iblees is prominent and was a great scholar.

Statistically, a person, by leaving his house and driving in a car, stands a greater chance of meeting up in an accident, and possibly dying, then contracting Covid-19 (not just in the Masjid but wherever he may go, to the malls, parks, work, etc.) and dying. Applying his reasoning, we should save lives and abandon driving.

Statistically, there are numerous other life-threatening scenarios people face daily, which outweigh the risks of contracting Covid-19 and dying. According to his reasoning, all such people should abandon their daily lives and remain in quarantine.

In South Africa, an average of 58 people die per day from murder. This excludes the number of people that die from rape, accidents, illnesses, etc. Most of these people died during the normal cause of their lives. Applying his reasoning, in order to save the lives of all these people who die daily, they should abandon their daily routine and remain indoors. His reasoning is simply absurd and illogical.

Then there is the issue of the vast difference of opinion amongst medical experts on the virus and the protocols implemented by the government. He has opted for the opinion of those doctors who are serving the agenda of a group of satanists to bolster his untenable argument of closure of the Masaajid or social distancing in Salaat. He does not employ his laughable reasoning to challenge the taxis that accommodate a full load of people, the townships wherein people are densely populated, the taxi ranks that are densely populated, and many other such places wherein people do not observe social distancing nor do they wear masks. His main target of criticism is the Masaajid. Unknowingly, and perhaps even innocently, he has surely been deceived by Iblees who has succeeded in roping him in as an agent to destroy the foundations of that pure Islam established through the Mubaarak teachings of Nabi-e-Kareem  SallAllahu Alayhe Wasallam and taught to us by the Sahaabah RadhiyAllahu Anhum and which has reached us through a golden chain via the illustrious Fuqaha, Auliya and Ulama of Haqq.

I am eagerly awaiting Moulana’s hard handed detailed refutation that will hopefully be a final blow to the pitiable condition of this Aalim whereafter he will seclude himself, make Istighfaar and await for his death.

(End of the Brother’s letter)


Insha-Allah, a detailed response and refutation of the stupid drivel disgorged by the Bootlicker shall be issued. For the present it suffices to inform Muslims that whatever the Bootlicking hybrid molvi-sheikh has written is bunkum portraying his skulduggery.


The jahaalat with which he has adorned and acquitted himself, is satanic adornment which a man acquires when shaitaan urinates in his ears. In consequence of shaitaani urination, which is mentioned in the Hadith, the brains of the Devil’s Agent have become convoluted. Thus, he is deprived of thinking rationally in terms of the Dalaa-il of the Shariah.


His scrap article consists of effluvium of the nafs. It is bereft of any valid Shar’i daleel for satanic distancing which the jaahil so zealously espouses. A man who casts aside the explicit teachings of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the practice  and attitude of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah, and seeks to  override and cancel the  decrees of the Shariah by subjecting  all of this to his copro opinion is indeed an agent of Iblees.


This munaafiq character who propagates  the protocols of shaitaan at the behest of the atheists  whose boots he licks with relish for whatever sinister agenda he conceals, is among the aimmah mudhilleen (bogus molvis/sheikhs who mislead) whom Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) feared more than even Dajjaal.


In his rubbish article he has not presented a single valid Shar’i daleel in support of the protocols of the devil. Whatever argument he has presented in his lamentable kufr attempt to substantiate the theory and protocols of the atheists, is shaitaani excrement unloaded by a convoluted brain – corrupted and deranged by the manipulation of shaitaan as the Qur’aan states:

“…..They do not stand except as one driven to madness by the touch of shaitaan.”


The touch of shaitaan (Takhabbatush Shaitaan) mentioned in this aayat of the Qur’aan Majeed is the actual disease with which the brains of this agent of Iblees are plagued. In the present time, the disease of Takhabbatush Shaitaan has acquired pandemic proportions.  The brains of the vast majority of molvis and sheikhs of this era have contracted this disease.


The jaahil believes that he is a’mujtahid’ capable of abrogating the Mansoos Ahkaam of the Shariah by subjectively mutilating Ahaadith in the nefarious bid to conform to the theories and dictates of the covid atheists. Copro opinion cannot cancel any hukm of the Shariah.


Relative to the current covid Satanism, the Ahkaam of the Shariah are: 

  • Shaitaani distancing is haraam
  • The niqaab of Iblees is haraam
  • The urine of shaitaan, i.e. the satanizer called sanitizer, is haraam
  • Closing the Musaajid is haraam
  • Cancelling the Fardh Jamaat  and Jumuah Salaat is haraam
  • Imposing limitations on the number of musallis is haraam
  • Abstaining from Masnoon Musaafahah on the basis of the shirk of contagion is haraam  
  • Spying on Muslims and reporting them to the zaalimoon and kaafiroon is haraam.


There is not a single Hadith which supports any of these satanic acts which the bootlicking munaafiqeen are propagating at the behest of their kuffaar masters.


May Allah Ta’ala destroy these enemies of the Deen. This Karaan fellow is one of the greatest enemies of Islam.

21 Jamaadil Awwal 1442 – 5 January 2021