“Those who intend to visit the two holy cities (Makkah and Madinah) for Umrah and want to leave for Umrah soon should read these instructions, maybe someone will benefit. 

A friend of ours, Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Sahib, who works as a driver in Makkah, has just performed Umrah 20 days ago. He has told us these things. 

This environment will be completely untouched and new even for those who have done Umrah or Hajj before. 

1: If you want to enter the Ka'bah with the intention of Umrah, then you should have an Android mobile and install the "Tawaklana" application with internet facility on it, and if you want to enter the Prophet's Mosque, then "I'atamirna".  Application must be installed. 

2: You must have a registration on these applications and an entry message must be present. 

3: The timetable for entering the Ka'bah in the form of a message that will come on your mobile, you can enter the Ka'bah at the same time, and you will have 3 hours after entering.  After 3 hours, the administration will remove you from the Kaaba. 

4: You have to complete Tawaf, Sa'i and Umrah within three hours. 

5: In order to offer prayers, you have to get permission through a separate message. 

6: You must have a certificate of coronavirus vaccine (prescribed by the Saudi government). 

7: You should be healthy and fit, sick people will not be allowed to enter. 

8: It was a prerequisite for the first Umrah to be accompanied by a Mahram. Now a single woman can go for Umrah. 

9: People aged 60 or older are not allowed to enter Umrah or Haram. 

10: You cannot enter the Haram before the time given to you to enter the Haram, ie if your time is 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., you will not be able to enter 8:30 a.m. 

11: Once you leave Mataf, you will not be allowed to enter again, whether you have to go to the washroom or some other compulsion. 

12: Those who go for Umrah used to be told to reduce their food and drink, so that they do not have to go to the washroom again and again, and now they have to do more. 

13: There are many hotels and shops around the Haram Sharif, but due to the corona virus, they often remain closed, and you may have to travel far to eat, and it is quite possible that the food you find is stale and expensive.  Therefore, before going to the Haram, make sure to have something to eat and drink.”


It is not permissible to go for Umrah. These haraam conditions prohibit travelling and for going for Umrah. The ‘umrah’ nowadays is a mock exercise laced with haraam and kufr.

19 Muharram 1443 – 28 August 2021