Dear Liberators, 

There is no such thing as mandatory vaccines. No person may be forced to be vaccinated and no one may be discriminated against for deciding not to. 

Everyone must do his/her own research about the COVID-19 vaccine and it's your right to ask the medical professional as many as you want questions to ensure whether you are satisfied to make an informed decision. 

From my own research I have decided not to be vaccinated and neither will my children. I am not prepared to be vaccinated, firstly, with vaccines which have not been properly tested and for all practical purposes still experimental, secondly, the SARS-COV-2 virus (if it exists) mutates several times a month and, just like Flu a new vaccine will have to be produced every season. That's only two issues of many. 

Anyone who is discriminated against for deciding not to be vaccinated, may report it directly to LFN for free assistance by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please stop spreading fake news that the vaccine is mandatory. It will take years to change international laws, like the UNESCO Declaration, to make vaccines mandatory. Not only is there no such process underway, but history shows us that bodily integrity is the most important human right. 

Think before you get vaccinated. It's not an achievement to get COVID-19 and it's less an achievement to get vaccinated for it just to find that irrespective one still has to wear a mask and comply to COVID-19 measures and be vaccinated again thereafter for each variant chosen to be the seasonal variant. That does not make any logical sense, does it? Shouldn't a vaccine prevent one from getting sick? Or did the science surrounding vaccines changed the past year? 

Liberation Greetings
Reyno De Beer
Liberty Fighters Network

15 Safar 1443 – 23 September 2021