President Cyril Ramaphosa has said the implementation of mandatory Covid-19 vaccination must be based on mutual respect and the rights of people.

Ramaphosa also said he believed employees may refuse vaccination on medical and constitutional grounds.

If necessary, Ramaphosa said, steps should be taken to responsibly accommodate workers who do not want to be vaccinated, including allowing those who can to continue working from home.

Ramaphosa answered questions from lawmakers in the National Assembly on Friday and responded to the issue of mandatory vaccination.

"The implementation of any mandatory vaccination policies must, in the end, be based on mutual respect, which is the respect of the rights of the people which achieve the balance between public health imperatives, the Constitutional rights of employees, and the efficient operation of the employer's business. Now that is quite a delicate balance that needs to be struck," he said.

Ramaphosa said:

No one should be forced to be vaccinated. Instead, we need to use the available scientific evidence to encourage, repeat encourage, people to be vaccinated to protect themselves, but also to protect people around them.

ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe said the right to vaccinate or not has been taken away from totalitarian governments.

"Emerging dictators are trying to force people to take vaccines they don't want. This must be resisted by the people of the world," he said. Jason Felix Jaco Marais (Netwerk24) 18 Dec 2021 (End of report)




Mr.Ramaphosa is obviously confused regarding the meaning of the term ‘mandatory’. For his information, the meaning of the term which he may ascertain from any dictionary is “compulsory”. 

Now if vaccination is ‘mandatory’ what is the meaning of refusing on medical and constitutional grounds? Every citizen had the right to refuse on the basis of constitutional grounds. This knocks out the bottom of the ‘mandatory’ hallucination. The president further said: 

“No one should be forced to be vaccinated.”


Since this is the position of the government, what then is the meaning of ‘mandatory’ vaccination?  On whom is it mandatory and for whom is it not mandatory?  “No one should be forced to vaccinate” says Mr.Ramaphosa. What now is the basis for the deceptive term ‘mandatory’ when vaccination is practically not mandatory? 

It will be salubrious for Mr.President to apply his mind cognitively to the views of thousands of scientists, doctors and experts who have resolutely condemned the dangers, harms and satanism of vaccines and vaccination. We are absolutely certain that this deluge and mass of scientific information is not hidden from Mr.Ramaphosa. So why does he and his cohorts intransigently cling to the now redundant view of a couple of medical deviates?

15 Jamaadil Ula 1443 – 20 December 2021