In the days and weeks to come, we are likely to see an increased drive from certain quarters in society to render compulsory one, two or even more doses of the Pfizer and other trial injections that are marketed as vaccines.

Accepting for the moment that these injections indeed constitute vaccinations as traditionally understood in the world of science (a hypothetical proposition that is in reality fundamentally problematic) , we are duty bound to respond to the issue of mandatory vaccinations. We cannot now bury our heads in the ground like ostriches and then seek to claim later- as a large number of white South Africans did post 1994- that we were unaware of the oppression that was occurring in our midst.

APMSA opposes mandatory vaccinations. It opposes any attempt to discriminate against, or prejudice, any person who chooses not to be vaccinated. It supports the right of every person to bodily and psychological integrity, including the right of every person to security in and over his/her body and the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experiments without his/ her informed consent.

From a Shari’ah perspective, we should be deeply mindful of the following:

The physical body is an Amaanat (trust). The essence of a person is the Rooh (soul), which was created by Allah Ta’ala and kept in a different realm. Thereafter, at the appointed time, when a person was conceived within the womb of his mother, the Rooh was introduced into the body. The body serves as a vehicle during this worldly life. Upon death, the Rooh continues with the journey whilst the physical body, in general, disintegrates and perishes. Nonetheless, during this worldly life, the body is entrusted to the person. For a Muslim, the body is an important medium granted as a favour from Allah Ta’ala. Accordingly, a Muslim has a duty to see to the well-being of his/her body. Such carries with it an obligation to take all reasonable and necessary steps to ensure the well-being of the body. By way of illustration, a person is not permitted to consume poison as this will bring harm to the body.