In the wake of the Mujlisul Ulama’s decision to follow the announcements of Wifaaqul Ulama regarding the Islamic months, has come numerous enquiries, most expressing circumspection and unease, believing that the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. has erred in its decision to follow Wifaaqul Ulama. We, therefore deem it appropriate and necessary to issue this clarification.


The decision of Mujlisul Ulama was not motivated by the pipe dream of so-called unity. In this era, unity or the concept of unity is vulgar, baseless and a stupidity monotonously blared by morons. The concept of unity which is generally propounded nowadays even by the Ulama is a hybrid compound of which the essential basis is to compromise the Haq – to water down the Shariah and to bootlick fussaaq, fujjaar and even kuffaar for the sake of creating a mirage – the mirage of unity – a non-existing, abstract, obscure understanding which is pure hallucination driven by a nafsaani agenda, hence all narratives disgorged in support of such a corrupt unity are figments of the nafs.


Generally, those who clamour for unity of the Ummah are zanaadaqah who are bereft of a proper understanding of the Deen. So, the decision of the Mujlisul Ulama has no truck with the hallucinatory concept of unity. True and enduring unity is an unattainable dream.


The deciding factor for Mujlisul Ulama was to be relived of Responsibility. That confusion would soon be stemming – confusion which will further exacerbate the division and dissension which usually are the effects of the moon-madness disease, appeared to us as inevitable if we remain in the moon-madness arena. While we care not a hoot for dissension with the miserable likes of bogus UUCSA, the NO NAME JAMIAT (NNB) of Reverend Bham, the MJC and other similar moron entities, hitherto we still have regard for the leadership of Wifaaqul Ulama. The leadership of Wifaaqul Ulama is a triumvirate of Ulama – Maulana Abdul Hamid Ishaq (Azaadville), Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach) and Mufti Shabbier Saloojee (Zakariyya Park).


In our understanding this Triumvirate is Wifaaqul Ulama, hence we feel reasonably assured that decisions pertaining to the moon issue will still be in compliance with the Shariah. Despite this confidence which we repose in the Triumvirate, if we continue to pursue the moon issue independently as many of our advisors feel, confusion is inevitable because there is bound to be difference of opinion regarding acceptance/rejection of moon-sighting information. Wifaaq may not accept certain information which we may accept. We may announce that tomorrow is Eid while Wifaaq may not accept. In the wake of such conflict, dissension will develop in families.


It should be understood that difference with the fong kong entities of morons such as bogus uucsa, nnb jamiat, mjc.carrion shayaateen, etc. is of no consequence. They are like barking mongrels – their barking being devoid of substance. However, avoidable conflict with reliable, senior Ulama on issues in which there is Shar’i latitude, e.g. the moon issue, is unwise, in fact not permissible. The spectre of two opposing announcements emanating from Mujlisul Ulama and Wifaaqul Ulama is a most unsavoury spectre which will result in considerable confusion, hence wisdom dictated our withdrawal from the moon arena. We have therefore decided to ‘blindly’ follow the announcement of Wifaaq, and we shall continue to do so as long as the Triumvirate remains at the head of Wifaaqul Ulama, and as long as we discern no flagrant violation of Shar’i principles and tenets.



Among the queries we have received are the following:


(1) What should we, the community of a town, do in the event that Wifaaq does not accept the moon information we convey to them whilst we are convinced of the correctness of our sighting?


Our Response

Follow your own sighting. If you believe that the sighting has been reliably confirmed according to the Shariah, then set aside the announcement/decision of Wifaaq and celebrate Eid or begin Ramadhaan regardless of what Wifaaq or anyone else may say or clamour.


Understand well that the decisive factor is the Shariah. If your information is reliable and you are convinced that you have sighted the hilaal, then proceed with Fasting or Eid without batting an eyelid. Discard the announcement of Wifaaq even if we (Musjlisul Ulama) have accepted it. It is haraam to continue the fasting when you are convinced that the moon has been sighted in your town/city/village. So, do not be browbeaten by anyone.


(2) To date, Wifaaq does not accept moon information from neighbouring countries, not from even ‘countries’ which are fully within the geographical boundaries of South Africa. Wifaaq, we believe, will accept information from a thousand miles if the location is within the borders of South Africa, but will not accept the sighting of a place which may be 100 km from the Botswana or Maputo locations. I fail to understand the logic here. So what should be the stance of a Muslim community in close proximity of the border country, perhaps 50 kilometres from Botswana for example? What is the logic behind accepting moon information from a thousand kilometres from a city within South Africa, but rejecting information from 50 kilometres on the basis of this place being in another country?


Our Response.

We believe that Wifaaq’s logic is based on unavailability of reliable information from neighbouring countries. Since they have no reliable link with reliable Ulama in other countries, they do not accept such information. Nevertheless, the stance of Wifaaqul Ulama should not prevent the border community from following reliable information 10 km or 100 km from across the border.


If the elders of the community are not fussaaq and modernists, but are Men of the Deen, and they accept information from across the border which they believe to be reliable, then they will be within the parameters of their Shar’i rights to accept the information and to celebrate Eid regardless of the decision of Wifaaqul Ulama and our current policy of following Wifaaq in so far as moon-sightings are concerned.


Understand well that our decision to follow Wifaaq in the moon-matter should not be understood as being a Consensus. We shall not be part of the decision-making. In this regard we shall be making blind taqleed of Wifaaq, and we shall continue with this stance as long as our confidence in the Triumvirate leadership of Wifaaq is not shattered. Should we discern that Wifaaq acts in contravention of the Shariah, we shall without hesitation cancel the taqleed which we have adopted as our current policy. We are not members of Wifaaqul Ulama. Our only agenda for our stance is to avoid confusion. Our decision is not for pursuing a stupid unity. True Unity based on the Qur’aan’s command is today unattainable. The Qur’aan Majeed commands:


“Hold on firmly to the Rope of Allah and do not split up…”


Thus a valid unity – a holy unity – is attainable only on the basis of Allah’s Rope which is His Shariah. Any violation of the Shariah – any compromise with the Haqq – is intolerable and will be strongly rebutted regardless from which quarter such shaitaaniyat emerges.


(3) Is the decision of the Mujlisul Ulama to accept Wifaaqul Ulama on the moon issue determined by the desire for unity? But how trustworthy is Wifaaq? The same Ulama who had always over the decades supported Sanha and even UUCSA are actually Wifaaqul Uloom. The only change here is that of a name. They are the same old folk whose activities are jalsahs, seerat celebrations, allowing women to the Musaajid, condoning and supporting girls madrasahs and even girls pursuing higher secular education, women’s tabligh jamaats, engaging in bid’ah halqah thikr, etc. I therefore do not understand how the Mujlisul Ulama will have unity with these Ulama who are under the name Wifaaq simply old wine in a new bottle.


Our Response

Yes, we do understand the veracity of your concerns. However, be assured that our present stance pertains to only the moon issue, and this too is based on a certain degree of confidence which we still repose on the Triumvirate of Ulama whom we believe to be the leadership of Wifaaq.


Our stance should not be misconstrued to believe that we shall remain silent if Wifaaq acts in contravention of the Shariah or if Wifaaq begins to lie in bed with the haraam, illegitimate agent of shaitaan, namely, bogus UUCSA. Should we see Wifaaq acting in conflict with the Shariah on the moon issue, we shall duly criticize them and cancel our blind taqleed pertaining to the hilaal matter.


While we have decided to follow Wifaaq’s moon announcements, we shall continue to differ with them on any issue which we believe to be a Shar’i violation.


It is our dua that Allah Ta’ala always guides us and keeps us steadfast on the Haqq until the very last breath of life. May Allah Ta’ala always keep us in that small group of the Haqq about which the Qur’aan Majeed says:


“They do not fear the criticism (and insults) of those who criticize (and insult).”

28 Ramadhaan 1443 – 30 April 2022