One of the sacred months in the Islamic calendar is Zul Hajj. Some important practices for observance during this Month are: 

(1) Firstly, end the year with Fasting. Fast the last day of the Islamic year, that is the 29th or 30th Zul Hajj (the next month). This will be most probably on 29th or 30th July 2022. 

(2) Commence the Month of Zul Hajj with Fasting. The order of priority pertaining to Fasting during Zul Hajj is: 

  • Fast the first 9 days
  • Fast Monday and Thursday
  • Fast on the 9th Zul Hajj


The virtues of Fasting on these days, especially the 9th, are immense – numerous and great. 

(3) Qur’baani on any of the three days of Sacrifice (10th, 11th and 12th). 

(4) Spend as much of the Night of Eid in Ibaadat. This Night has greater virtue than even the Night of Qadr. The Night here refers to the night before the Day of Eid. This applies especially to women who squander and ruin the Night in the kitchen preparing for gluttony. 

NOTE: Those who will be making Qur’baani should refrain from cutting their hair and nails during the first 9 days of this Month. They should cut nails and hair after their Qur’baani has been made. They should ensure that by the latest, they cut their nails and hair on the last day of Zul Qa’dh (30th June, most probably).

19 Zul Qa’dh 1443 – 20 June 2022