US General's Malice and Insult-Their Verbal Malice is Mild

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"O PEOPLE OF IMAAN! Do not take as a bosom friend those (the kuffaar) besides yourselves (i.e. the Mu’mineen). They (the Kuffaar) yearn for that which distresses you. MOST CERTAINLY, HATRED (FOR YOU) HAS FUMED FORTH FROM THEIR MOUTHS, BUT THAT (HATRED) WHICH THEIR HEARTS CONCEAL IS WORSE. "Verily, We have clearly explained for you the signs (of their hatred and plots), if indeed you (O Believers!) employ your intelligence)." (Qur’aan, Aal-e-Imraan, Aayat 118)

From the bitter tongue lodged in a malicious mouth, a senior US army general, Mr. Gerry Boykin, gorged out the hatred for Islam and Muslims which generally is embedded in the hearts of the kuffaar in terms of the explicit declaration of the Qur’aan Majeed. Constrained to vomit out from his heart the malice, hatred, daggers and scorpions for Islam, Boykin alleged that:

The Christian god is bigger than Allah (Azza Wa Jal).

Allah, The Mighty, The Powerful, The Creator and Sustainer of entire creation is "a false idol".

President Bush was chosen by God.

"Investigative reporters from the Los Angeles Times and NBC television have dug up two years worth of seemingly incendiary comments from Lt-Gen William Gerry Boykin, the newly promoted under-secretary of defence for intelligence."

"In January, Gen Boykin told a Baptist church in Florida about a prized victory over a Muslim warlord in Somalia, who had boasted that Allah would protect him from American capture. ‘I knew my god was bigger than his. I knew my god was a real god and his was an idol,’ Gen. Boykin said."

(Weekend Post 18th October 2003)


There is absolutely no surprise in these malicious utterances of the representative of Mr.Bush and the kuffaar in general. There is also nothing shocking in the partial exposure of the malicious contents lurking and embedded in the bosoms of the kuffaar. And, why should there be any surprise and shock when we remember and understand that the Qur’aan Majeed clearly and loudly declares the malice for Islam and Muslims which the hearts of the kuffaar conceal. Occasionally this malice overflows and reaches boiling point. Then an extra tot or two of liquor erode the restraint of even senior kuffaar governmental officers who are schooled to display diplomacy and ‘adroitness’ to avoid a furore and the feeble, barely audible protests which some Muslims may make, and which may create some easily surmountable impediment in the kufr alliances which they have forged with the Munaafiq political and governmental leaders who are today in sway in the lands of Islam.


There is no doubt in the fact that whatever hatred Mr.Boykin has poured out from his mouth for Islam, Allah Ta’ala and the Muslimeen, is the official attitude of this man’s seniors, whether they are in America, Britain or Europe or Africa. Muslims should always remember and understand:


That is: Kufr is o­ne single breed regardless of its persuasion, colour, nationality and geographic location.

In a stupid attempt which will appease and befool o­nly modernists and munaafiqeen lurking in the Ummah, Donald Rumsfeld of America tried ‘dexterously and adroitly to defend his junior, Mr.Boykin. His hollow comments, appearing hereunder, o­nly further bolsters the Qur’aanic declaration of the hatred embedded in their hearts for Allah Ta’ala and Islam:

"At a routine Pentagon press conference this week, Mr.Rumsfeld was asked his opinion of a recent appearance by Gen. Boykin, when he stated that radical Islamists hate the US ‘because we’re a Christian nation’. A distracted Mr.Rumsfeld noted that he had not seen the context of those remarks. He hailed the general’s ‘outstanding record’ and said his comments were made ‘in his private capacity’. However, Mr. Rumsfeld was also careful to cite Mr.Bush’s injunction against viewing Islam as an enemy."

(Weekend Post 18th October 2003)