Tables And Chairs Corrupt Fatwa booklet


Mufti Taqi of Darul Uloom Karachi, Pakistan has issued a fatwa saying that eating from tables sitting on chairs is neither forbidden nor in conflict with the Sunnah. He avers that there is no daleel for the contention that eating in this manner is contrary to the Sunnah and forbidden.

According to the Mufti, abandonment of only Sunnatul Muakkadah acts  could be termed  to be contrary to the Sunnah, and such acts are acts of ibaadat which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had  practised with  constancy.

He describes eating on the floor in Sunnah style to be Sunnat-e-Aadiyah, adoption of which is not compulsory, and abandonment of which is not sinful nor in conflict with the Sunnah. His argument is that the actions which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) did not do as ibaadat, are called ‘aadiyah’, and it is perfectly permissible to abandon such Sunnat acts, and such abandonment is not Makrooh and should not be criticized. Hence if any other mubah practice/custom is substituted for such Sunnats, then it will not be in conflict with the Sunnah.

According to the Mufti, Rasulullah’s abstention from eating from tables and sitting on chairs for eating, is not a daleel for contending that it is contrary to the Sunnah to eat from tables.

This fatwa has bewildered and confused many Muslims who eat according to the Sunnah style and who believe that it is not permissible to sit on chairs for eating from tables. Please enlighten us on this issue.


In the Qur’aan Majeed Allah Ta’ala says:

“Those who devour riba, do not stand except as one who has been driven to madness by the touch of shaitaan.”


Mufti Taqi and the conglomerate of his underling maajin muftis of his Darul Uloom who have endorsed his fatwa, have legalized riba and also devour riba. Mufti Taqi is the first deviate mufti from among the Deobandis who had halaalized one of the worst acts of satanism, viz., riba. The bunkum and rubbish  opinion  which he has issued on the  issue of eating food from tables in the style of the western kuffaar whose boots are today being licked with relish by the Ulama-e-Soo’ and almost the whole Ummah, is the effect of shaitaani insanity of the type mentioned in the aforementioned Qur’aanic Aayat.

In his insane  attempt to justify  his madrasah’s  tables and chair  system,  and the displacement of the Sunnah, this  confused mufti has gone to inordinate lengths to eke out ‘perfect permissibility’ for  his adoption of the western kuffaar system of eating from tables – the system  with which he has replaced the 14 century Sunnah  way of eating food from the floor in the style of  all the Ambiya, all the Sahaabah, all the Auliya and the entire Ummah, of even fussaaq and fujjaar. It is only in recent times that Muslims overwhelmed by western culture, are regarding bootlicking and following kuffaar practices right into the “lizard’s hole” respectable and honourable. They come within the purview of the Qur’aanic stricture:

“What! Do you search for honour from them?”

Tables And Chairs Corrupt Fatwa