A Sister who was an initiate of the Aafiyah aabracadabra shaitaaniyat, but who was saved from the clutches of Iblees, has the following comments and questions:

Hypnosis - Satanopsis

“I did a reflective post on those who practice energy healing. In the post I asked how they could appease their conscience and feed their families with the money they earn? Zuhair boldly claims that his aafiya healing is 100% Islamic and that hypnosis is perfectly allowed in Islam.”


Our Comment: The character is devoid of Ilm of the Deen. His claim has no Shar’i validity. What is his Shar’i basis for such a preposterously baatil, stupid claim? Hypnosis is a doorway for satanism. Shaitaan employs such metaphysical methods to dupe and entrap morons and unsuspecting simpletons into his snare of kufr and shirk. The fellow should present his Shar’i dalaail for his palpably baatil claim. Mufti Moosa Saley is not a Shar’i daleel. This mufti blurts out whatever drivel his nafs disgorges into his brains. Hypnosis is haraam.  – The Majlis



The Jamiat’s fatwa

“Mufti Moosa Saley from Jamiat passed a fatwa. (His wife did aafiya healing)  He says in his fatwa:


"We have looked in to the practice of Aafiyah Healing and met with Brother Zuhair Girach, its founder, along with other Ulama. Brother Zuhair was open to the Ulama about Aafiyah Healing and assured us that he will remove any un-Islamic aspect from it if the same exists and will respect the guidance of the Ulama. Thus far, we have not come across anything un-Islamic or impermissible in this therapy."  (End of his fatwa)


Our Comment: The mufti has erred.  Aafiyah and all other aabracadabra therapies are linked with shaitaaniyat.  Aafiya healing is an aabracadabra stunt inspired by Iblees. Who are the “other Ulama” who are co-founders of this Satanist method of supposed healing? He should provide their names. On what basis did they find, confirm and establish this branch of satanism?


The mufti has proclaimed this therapy lawful relying on the Aafiya character’s ‘assurance’. It is necessary for a cognitive application of the brain to understand the far reaching Satanist consequences of aabracadabra therapies. – The Majlis


“I am not an Islamic scholar, however I must say that this fatwa raises more questions than it answers. I am all too familiar with Ulema who pass fatwas without researching the matter from all angles.  (Issuing fatwas without thorough research is a universal disease among the Ulama of this era. – The Majlis).


Q. Has Mufti Saley studied energy healing in its original form BEFORE it was "Islamicized" and presented by Zuhair? (Shaitaan has ‘islamicized’ it – The Majlis). If not, how would he recognize the elements of it on aafiya? A simple Google search will reveal what filth is being camouflaged using Allah's Names.


Our Comment:  On the assumption that he has studied this aafiyah branch of Satanism, his comments reveal that he lacks proper understanding of this branch of satanism.   The agent of Iblees of this branch of shaitaaniyat says that he “will remove any un-Islamic aspect from it if it exists”. What constrains him to suspect that his aafiyah therapy may be containing ‘un-Islamic aspects’? Prior to entrapment in this satanic therapy, did he not ascertain from the Ulama the status of such therapies?

Who are or were the ustaadhs of the aafiyah fellow? From whence did he acquire this therapy? The ustaadh-in-chief of all such kinds of aabracadaabra therapies is shaitaan.  –The Majlis


Hypnotherapy - Satanotherapy

“In order for NLP and Hypnotherapy to work one has to believe in the concept of collective consciousness, that people tap into to get information. 


The origin of this philosophy is Greek, and Ibn Sinna introduced it to Muslims. It is the same philosophy that promotes Law of Attraction. This comes from the belief that man is divine and that by attaining enlightenment he reclaims his divinity. It's the same concept of the Trinity.” 


Our Comment: Greek philosophy is kufr and shirk. Ibn Sina was a deviate who gave preference to Greek philosophy over Islam. His beliefs were as noxious as the beliefs of the mushrik/atheist Greek philosophers. In Greek philosophy which Ibn Sina subscribed to, Allah Azza Wa Jal is stripped of all His Sifaat and is rendered impotent. The belief of man’s divinity is the same as the Christian concept of trinity. The only difference is that while Christians believe in a triumvirate of gods, from the ludicrously shirki concept of the philosophers stems the belief in multitudes of deities. Billions of humans are able to become divine and gods by way of spiritual enlightenment according to the Satanist philosophers. The hypnotherapy theory is blasphemous kufr. – (The Majlis)