A scholar, Sulaiman Murad, in an article has practically refuted the validity of Islam as the vast majority of the Ummah has understood and practised it over the many centuries since its inception. I believe that it is incumbent on the Ulama to respond to his misguidance which is a trap for unsuspecting and ignorant youngsters who are pursuing secular education at western educational institutions with their emphasis on libertinism and atheism.


Prior to embarking on answering the rubbish of the character, a brief preamble will facilitate better understanding of the answer.


There are a variety of kinds of scholars. In the context of this discussion, we consider two types. The one kind of scholar is an expert in the branches of Ibleesi science. In other words, he is a Satanist. He is an agent of Iblees peddling the wares of satanism. About such louts, the Qur’aan Majeed states:


“From among people is such a person who disputes regarding (the Deen of) Allah without having Ilm (true Knowledge), and he follows every obdurate devil.

(Al-Hajj, Aayat 3)

Regarding shaitaan, it has been decreed that he will mislead whoever befriends him, and he will guide him (his friend – the Ibleesi scholar) to the Blazing Fire.”

(Al-Hajj, Aayat 4)


“Among people is such a person who disputes regarding (the Deen of) Allah without Ilm, without Hidaayat (Guidance), and without a Kitaab which directs towards Noor (Light of Imaan).”

(Al-Hajj, Aayat 8)


“He (the follower of Iblees) is such a person who arrogantly turns (away from the Haqq) in order to mislead (others) from the Path (Deen) of Allah. For him there is on earth a disgrace, and We shall cause him to taste of the Blazing Fire on the Day of Qiyaamah.”     (Al-Hajj, Aayat 9)


Further describing these types of Ibleesi scholars, whose qualifications are restricted to Ibleesi sciences, the Qur’aan Majeed says:


“Verily, the worst of animals by Allah are the deaf and dumb who have no brains. If Allah knew that there was some goodness in them, then most assuredly He would have made them to listen (i.e. guided them).”

(Al-Anfaal, Aayats 22 and 23)


The appellation of Ibleesi scholar which is awarded to the fellow Solomon Murad stems from the aforementioned Qur’aanic Aayaat in which Allah Ta’ala  emphasizes that ‘scholars’ of this ilk  are the followers of  some ‘obdurate’ Shaitaan – that is, a Devil whose special quality is indurate rebellion against Allah Azza Wa Jal. This Devil is described by Allah Ta’ala as ‘Shaitaan Mareed’.


“Verily, they are RIJS (filth, inside and outside – rotten to the core). Their abode is Jahannam. It is a (most befitting) compensation for what they used to earn (with their nifaaq and kufr).”

(At-Taubah, Aayat 95)


“The Deobandi Sect”?

The copro Ibleesi scholar alleges:

“….the Deobandi sect, who have not been able to break free from their parochial mentality. This has resulted in the lives of many people being risked.”


The jaahil is ignorant regarding the meaning of Deoband. There is no such sect as the ‘deobandi sect’.  The moron is not aware of the simple fact that Deoband is the name of a town in India where a Darul Uloom was established. The Ulama of this august institution are followers of the Hanafi Math-hab, and all the kutub which are taught in this Darul Uloom are the works of the Salafus Saaliheen. The Ulama of this Institution are Muqallideen of Imaam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullah alayh).


There is no point of departure from the Hanafi Math-hab at this Darul Uloom. The moron should present his   arguments to substantiate his stupid idea of the existence of a sect called ‘deobandi’. He should explain what exactly he understands by the word ‘sect’, and in which way do the Ulama of Deoband constitute a sect apart from the Hanafi Math-hab which they follow. How have they alienated themselves from being followers of the Hanafi Math-hab?


Only stupid people blurt out whatever trash the nafs disgorges into their brains.


Atheistic parochialism

This brief Qur’aanic preamble illustrates briefly the nifaaq, kufr and villainy of all scholars who have gained qualification in Ibleesi sciences. The universities of atheism have fitted their brains in straitjackets of kufr, hence their parochial attitude when they cast their oblique vision adulterated with kufr at any aspect of Islam. Their extreme narrow-mindedness induces them to subject Allah’s Zaat, His Sifaat and His Shariah to the kufr ethos and the extreme limitations of their brains anchored in secularism. In castigation of such characters who are afflicted with the malady of secular parochialism which inhibits them from the ability to gaze beyond the immediate confines of their ugly snouts, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“They have superficial knowledge of this worldly life whilst they are oblivious of the Aakhirat. (Ar-Room, Aayat 7)


The blinkers which the atheist tutors have fitted over the eyes of these Ibleesi scholars, and the straitjackets which severely stunt their brains leading to cognitive dissonance which in turn culminates in blatant kufr, have created in them a type of kufr parochial conception of the most contemptible type. Their brains are colonized by their former colonial political masters. They are unable to break loose from this vile form of parochialism which compels them to utter and practice kufr.


However, since all of these brainwashed characters are cowards who lack the courage to proclaim their kufr and renegence (irtidaad)from Islam, they opt for being Munaafiqs masquerading as Muslims. Their abhorrence for the Divine Law (the Shariah and the Sunnah) compels them to subject all the beliefs, teachings and practices of Islam to the irrational principles of atheism which is the limit of their superficial knowledge, i.e. superficial in even the external dimension of materialism. As for knowledge of the Deen and the Baatin, they are absolutely bereft and bankrupt. Such scoundrels subject the ahkaam of the Shariah to their whimsical fancies and brains jarred into disequilibrium by the buffets of atheism. In this manner they seek to hoist on to the Ummah a new religion which they endeavour to camouflage with the name ‘Islam’. But Allah Azza Wa Jal proclaims in His Qur’aan:

“They (these Ibleesi scholars) intend to extinguish the Light (Shariah) of Allah with their mouths (with their opinions of kufr) while Allah intends to complete His Noor (Light) although the kaafiroon abhor it.”

The Plague and the Scholar