A serious problem experienced by many many parents nowadays is their daughters marrying without parental consent boys whose characters are immoral. The girl and the boy strike up a haraam illicit relationship at secular school or at university. They conduct an extremely immoral and even vulgar relationship. Their whatsapp messages are worse than vulgar.  Many indulge in the ultimate act of zina.


Sometimes the sin of their haraam relationship of zina dawns on the immoral couple. They regret and resolve to reform. However, since they are in love and trapped in the relationship they want to legalize the relationship with marriage.


Now comes the problem. The parents despite being aware of the zina relationship of their daughter – sometimes it has endured for years – act like wild bulls seeing red. They are up in arms. They want nothing of the sort.  While they were silent during the long zina relationship, they refuse to consent to Nikah. They are determined to see their daughter complete her secular studies, gain a university degree and become self-sufficient in the field of earning money. Thus, as far as the parents are concerned, marriage is out of the question.


Such refusal has even led to elopement and also having the Nikah performed secretly without the consent of the girl’s Wali (father, etc.). Is the Nikah valid? Is the refusal of the parents valid? Please offer guidance in the light of the Shariah. This is a very serious problem and numerous parents and their children are caught in this scenario.


It is essential to firstly understand what a kuffaar secular school/college/university is.  These kuffaar ‘educational’ institutions are dens of vice. These places are infested with the immoral filth of promiscuous intermingling of the sexes, extreme lewdness, lesbianism, homosexuality, wine-drinking, music, pornography, drugs and fornication. 

Vigorously aggravating this wicked, satanic, immoral and haraam atmosphere is the stark immoral filth and blatant kufr of the educational curriculum. 

This admixture of kufr and immorality renders the evil of a brothel relatively mild. Thus, the lesser of the evils is the brothel den of fornication/adultery. However, since the chimera of money dangles in front of the rubbish parents who ruin their Imaan by bartering away the Haya (Imaani shame and modesty) and even the virginity of their daughters for the sake of a worldly kufr educational profession which will lead their children to Jahannam, these evil parents prefer the greater evil of the university den of zina and kufr for their daughters.


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