Awake Ramadhaan 1438 _ May / June 2018

Awake Ramadhaan 1439 _ May / June 2018


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To become a Shaheed (attaining martyrdom) is within the grasp and volition of every Muslim, male and female. Every night recite Surah Mulk, sleep with Wudhu, and with Allah’s Name on your tongue. Insha-Allah, you will attain the rank of a Shaheed.




Most people are unaware of the correct practice to adopt  when someone is being buried. Those present at the burial  believe that it is necessary to wait until the grave has been filled. Only after the completion of the filling will the ceremony commence. Almost in all places the ceremony is bid’ah.

There is no incumbency to wait until the grave has been filled. After the mayyit has been enclosed in the Lahd, the Masnoon practice is to pour sand with both hands. On pouring the first time, recite: “Wa mienha khalaqna kum.” (From this – sand – did We create you.) When pouring the second time, recite: “Wa fiha nu-eedukum.”(Into this do We return you.) When pouring the third time, recite: “Wa mienha nukhriju kum taaratan ukhraa.” (And, from it shall We extract you a second time.)”

After this, you may stand and silently recite whatever you wish, and make dua of maghfirat for the mayyit without lifting your hands. There is no need to wait for the imaam to commence his bid’ah ceremony. After your dua, you may leave. It is not necessary to leave only after the imaam has ended his ceremony. One may leave before or remain reciting even after everyone has departed.

There is no congregational dua or ceremony for this occasion. Everyone should recite something from the Qur’aan Majeed and make his own dua. All other practices are bid’ah.


Hadhrat Faqeeh Abu Laith Samarqandi (rahmatullah alayhi) said that four acts harden and corrode the heart:

  1. Filling the stomach.
  2. Forgetting sins committed in the past.
  3. The company of evil persons.
  4. Increasing worldly hopes.