In their inordinate craving for  aggrandizement the NNB Jamiat-MJC nexus, masquerading as the representative of the Ulama of South Africa, under the fictitious so-called ‘umbrella’ called ‘UUCSA’, has climbed down from its earlier “SIX OUT OF SEVEN” stand  and has settled at least for the present,  for  “FOUR OUT OF FIVE”.

It will be recalled that in several very recent statements, the miscreant NNB Jamiat-MJC nexus had claimed to consist of seven Ulama organizations, and from these seven, they had the support of six for their KUFR so-called ‘Muslim’ Marriages Bill (MMB). Now, in its latest statement, this fictitious ‘umbrella’ patchwork body has said:

“THE UNITED ULAMA COUNCIL OF SOUTH AFRICA known as UUCSA represents all major ulama bodies of South Africa. Four of the five ulama bodies are in favour of engaging and negotiations with the government – whereas ONLY ONE advocates boycott of the Muslim marriages bill – which is the jamiatul ulama kwazulu.”

Firstly, it is a despicable lie for this fictitious ‘UUCSA’ to claim that it represents  “all major ulama bodies of  South Africa”. It does not represent the following bodies:

Jamiatul Ulama Kwazulu-Natal, Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng, Waterval Islamic Institute, Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa, Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa, Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape, Chatsworth Ulama Council, Heidelberg Ulama Council, Majlisush Shura Al-Islami (Western Cape), Darul Uloom Azaadville, Darul Uloom Newcastle, Darul Uloom In’aamiya, Madrasah Ta’leemuddin Isipingo, Darul Qur’an Ladysmith, Jamiah Faizul Uloom Durmacol, Madrasah Al-Uloomush Shariah Benoni, and many other Ulama institutions.

Secondly, on 30 May 2011, Mufti Abdul Kader Hoosen on behalf of  31 (thirty one) senior Ulama representing the aforementioned organizations as well as other institutions not listed above, unequivocally dissociated from the Kufr MMB and called for its scrapping.

Now why is the bogus ‘UUCSA’ down from ‘six out of seven’ to ‘four out of five’? The miscreant, devious nexus has until very recently  advertised itself as a body consisting of seven ulama outfits. What has happened now to the two missing ones? There are two reasons for the NNB Jamiat-MJC alliance having decided to ‘quietly’ discard the two other phantom ‘ulama’ bodies, both from Port Elizabeth.  (1)  The one is a junior outfit while the other one is a one-man half-baked ‘sheikh’ who purports to be a sheikh. (2) A non-religious organization, The Society for the Protection of Our Constitution, is charging  the ‘UUCSA’ fiction with fraud.  We have learnt that the ‘Society’ is about to lay a criminal charge against 12 ‘UUCSA’ persons who had ‘fraudulently’ fabricated a resolution for presentation in a recent court case. In that resolution, the miscreant NNB Jamiat-MJC alliance had claimed that six out of its ‘seven’ member organizations had signed the resolution.  Since the resolution was invalid in terms of even the invalid constitution of the fictitious ‘umbrella’ body, and since the two additional fictitious members  had unconstitutionally  become entangled in the ‘fraudulent’ resolution, the alliance has opened itself up for criminal charges.

The fact that the NNB Jamiat-MJC nexus has, without explanation, reduced  coverage of its ‘umbrella’ to five from seven, indicates that they have understood the gravity of their misdemeanour.

The worst fraud which this  misguided alliance is perpetrating is to mislead the government and the Muslim community with the  ‘UUCSA’ fiction.  The recent  statement by 31 Ulama from a variety of  Islamic institutions thoroughly debunks the  ‘umbrella’ and ‘majority ulama’ claim made by  this group which is increasingly becoming a fringe faction in the Muslim community.

In a recent statement, these miscreants sunk into the sewerage gutter with the following LIES:   “Some people opposed to the bill are advocating the recognition of Muslim marriages through the civil marriages act with an anti-nuptial contract……In the case of divorce which will result in maintenance beyond the period of iddah. Women will be given the power of divorcing her  (their) husband (husbands) in the court of law.”

The portrayal of the proposal of “some people” in this vague and ambiguous form is calculated to misinform, deceive and mislead Muslims. Every unbiased  Muslim who has some respect for the truth will understand that the Ulama (the ‘some people’) who are opposed to MMB, have raised their objection and stated their dissociation purely for the sake of protecting the Shariah from disfiguration and transmogrification. How is it possible for these ‘some people’ who are supposed to be ‘fanatics’ and  who are uncompromising in their stance of observing the Shariah  in every letter and spirit, to advocate that women should be given the right to divorce their husbands’? How is it possible for  these ‘some people’ who vociferously and vehemently propagate that man is superior to woman in Allah’s Law, to advocate proposals which are in stark violation of the Shariah?  Intelligence constrains one to believe that the evil NNB Jamiat-MJC nexus is resorting to despicable LIES. They have failed and have betrayed the Ummah in many ways. Now they  are scraping the very bottom of the barrel with their lies.

The stance of the Ulama (‘the some people’) who are fiercely and resolutely opposed to the Kufr MMB is as follows:

(a)   The bill is without a vestige of doubt, cluttered with kufr. Even before the courts will have an opportunity to mutilate the Shariah, the bill itself presents a hybrid, distorted  and mutilated ‘law’ which is being advocated as ‘shariah compliant’ by its advocates. Due to the widespread and intense opposition of the overwhelming majority of the Ulama and the Muslim community,  and the glaring  kufr which the Ulama have exposed, the miscreant, fictitious  ‘UUCSA” outfit has been compelled to acknowledge that ‘some’ provisions are  ‘in conflict with Islamic law’ and ‘un-Islamic’. Prior to the exposure of the kufr, this very same misguided  fiction had supported the Kufr MMB to the hilt, including every kufr clause which they are now, under compulsion of  community pressure, conceding to be ‘in conflict with Islamic law’.

(b)   Some Ulama-e-Haqq to satisfy the clamour for ‘recognition of Muslim marriages’ have asked the government to scuttle the Kufr bill, and to rather amend the current Marriages Act with a simple amendment to read:

(i)   All Muslim marriages – monogamous and polygamous – are valid and recognized.”

(ii)  All Muslim marriages are out of community of property and without the accrual clause.


While some Ulama,  including ourselves, believe that we should not ask for even this slight amendment, the move was made only to satisfy the clamour for recognition. Firstly, there is absolutely no Islamic need  to clamour for ‘legal’ recognition. Recognition of our marriages by Allah Azza Wa Jal is more than adequate. There is no incumbent need to supplement the Divine Recognition with recognition offered by worldly entities. Nevertheless, some Muslims, for whatever reason/s, want their marriages to be legally recognized. It is to provide an avenue for recognition for such Muslims that the proposal has been made.

It is slanderous to manipulate this proposal for structuring the LIE that these ‘some people’ are advocating maintenance beyond iddat and that women may divorce their husbands. There is nothing further from the truth than this despicable LIE  peddled by the contemptible fictitious ‘UUCSA’ entity. This LIE will be further demolished in our next pamphlet, Insha’Allah.