“Then  your hearts  became  hard like stone or harder (than stone). Verily, from some stones gush forth rivers, and some split and water gushes therefrom, and some (stones) roll (from heights) for the fear of Allah. And, Allah is not oblivious of what you are doing.”


This is precisely the state of the hearts of Muslims who recklessly squander tons of wealth despite being fully aware of the sad and lamentable plight of the suffering Syrian refugees. For awareness of their plight there is no need for much introduction. Almost every Muslim is aware of the horrendous brutalities which have been inflicted on the Syrian Muslims by the satanic Shiah hordes of Asad, the Devil-Incarnate.


Thousands and thousands of Muslim women have been abducted and imprisoned under brutal and horrible conditions of rape in Syrian prisons. There being absolutely no law and order in the Shiah-controlled prisons in Asad’s regime, these Muslim Sisters are being daily raped and brutalized by specimens of creation who are sub-human – worst than khanaazeer. For $5,000 ransom some prison warders will release a woman. But this option is not available on a mass scale.


Our team has just returned from Turkey where some Zakaat was distributed to about 3,000 families. This is a tiny drop in a vast ocean of misery and suffering. There are approximately 300,000 Syrian refugees in Turkish refugee camps. These refugees are in the circumstances ‘well-cared’ for by the Turkish government. There is ample basic food for these refugees. There are huge warehouses filled with food stores and the catering facilities are not operating at full steam and capacity. This indicated that the refugees in the camps have adequate food supplies. Daily trucks laden with food, and in Ramadhaan with cooked food, cross the Syrian border from Turkey to deliver food to refugees in camps within the borders of Syria.


The real and heart-tending plight relates to the approximately 3 million unregistered Syrian refugees in Turkey who have to fend for themselves. The vast majority – 90% – of these refugees are women. Most of these women were from good homes – wealthy or middleclass. Although this segment of the refugees are now safe from the brutality of the Syrian Shiahs and ISIS elements, they are nevertheless languishing and suffering in dire straits of poverty.


Among them are innumerable wounded. Due to chemical poisons used by the satanic forces in Syria, either the U.S.A. or the Shiahs of Asad, our team has witnessed some of babies. They constantly roll from side to side due to the horrible injuries inflicted on their brains by the poisonous chemicals utilized as weapons by the satanic forces.


These millions of unregistered refugees, mostly females, living in various location in Turkey, not in camps, are not the responsibility of the government, hence they suffer in their struggles whilst Muslims all over the world squander millions of dollars on mock umrahs, tours, holidays, haraam weddings, haraam luxuries, bid’ah massive i’tikaafs, bid’ah jalsahs, naa’t jalsahs, family-gatherings, and on many other satanic practices and customs. Muslim multi-millionaires and billionaires are doling out pittances, not even their full Zakaat amounts, which all amount to a drop in the vast bottomless ocean of suffering in which these Muslim sisters are swimming and drowning. The scenes witnessed bring tears to the eyes. For understanding the reality of their suffering and for shedding tears, it is necessary to personally witness the scenes. Only then will the reality dawn and perhaps sink into the hearts of stone of people who have become the brothers of the shayaateen as a consequence of haraam waste of money. In this regard, Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Do not squander. Verily, the wasters are the BROTHERS of the Shayaateen (Devils), and shaitaan unto his Rabb was kaafir.”


A genuine Muslim who is genuinely grieved by the plight of the suffering Muslims, especially of such Sisters who have been brutalized and who are today compelled to languish in dire straits of poverty, will never have the heart to squander money in the variety of wasteful pursuits in which the wealthy segment of the Ummah is insanely grovelling. While Muslims are following in the footsteps of shaitaan, millions of Muslims are suffering – suffering and suffering, and for this injustice committed by the Ummah, they will suffer in the Aakhirat.


Insha-Allah, after Ramadhaan, we intend to send our team to Turkey to distribute Zakaat, etc., to some of these unregistered Syrian Sisters. In the Name of Allah Ta’ala we ask Muslims to contribute with open hearts. We are not approaching you with cap in hand. Contribute generously and regard the acceptance of your Zakaat as a favour bestowed to you by those to whom it will be given in Allah’s Name.   Neither your Zakaat nor your Lillah funds are favours for the Fuqara and Masaakeen. If it is a favour, it is a favour conferred on you, the Zakaat-payer. Those discharging your obligation are rendering a favour to you. So get this message clear.


Those who are keen to  build up their capital in Jannat – those who are seeking Allah’s Pleasure and salvation in the Aakhirat, should contribute with extreme generosity, not dole out tits and bits and pittance for this noble  LOAN to Allah Azza Wa Jal. He says in the Qur’aan Majeed: “Give beautiful loans to Allah...”


Those who are not by the means to contribute considerable amounts, Allah Ta’ala appreciates and will reward munificently even their small sums, even their one rands. Allah Ta’ala looks at the heart from which the charity springs. Many a time, the one rand of a person has a greater value by Allah Ta’ala than a million given by someone else. No one is deprives in Allah’s Realm of thawaab. Every Muslim is under WAAJIB obligation to contribute to this Project for Divine Love for our suffering Sisters in dire need.


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