Qurbaani 2018


ZIL HAJJ 1439          AUGUST 2018

SOON IT WILL BE THE QUR’BAANI SEASON. This year, the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. will again be doing Qur’baani, Insha-Allah.  

Along with the execution of the obligation of Qur’baani, the needs of the poor can also be served by doing the Qur’baani in villages in which the inhabitants are extremely poor and unable to afford the luxury of meat most of the year.  We shall appreciate it very much if those who will be participating in the Qur’baani Project will send in their order and payment early.

Although we shall be taking Qur’baani orders right until the Day of Eidul Adhaa (10th Zil Hijjah), early ordering and payment will make our task easy.Jazaakumullaah

Cow R5, 000 ($420) (7 Shares)

One Share of a Cow R720 ($60)

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