Question: What is the effect on Muslim marriages of the Appeal Court’s judgment? Has the court recognized the Shariah’s laws regarding marriages? Please  comment.



The Appeal Court’s judgement is old hat. There is nothing spectacular in the ruling. That the kuffaar court has given any recognition whatsoever to the Shariah is laughable. Any such suggestion is stupid drivel. 

What the court has ruled  has already been ruled many times in the past. There is nothing new in the court’s ruling. The judgment only recognizes Muslim marriages  to be valid marriages. In making this judgement, all the matrimonial laws applicable to  legal marriages become applicable to Muslim marriages. 

We have not  studied the judgement as yet. A cursory glance displays the drivel in terms of the Shariah. Insha-Allah, after  studying the judgment, we shall comment in detail if necessary. However,  for Muslims – true Muslims – Muslims who regulate their lives according to the Shariah -  the secular law has no significance. Muslims are required to  circumvent Shar’i violations in  the secular law to the best of their ability in order to conform with the Shariah.

6 Jamaadiyul Ula 1442 - 21 December 2020