QUESTION: A mufti asks for textual proof from the kutub of Fiqh for the claim that the papsmear test renders ghusl waajib. He says that while the test is not permissible, ghusl is not waajib. Is this correct?


ANSWER: It is astoundingly ludicrous to seek proof for the validity of satanic obscenity. Brains are not a requisite for understanding that the sun shines only during the day, and fire burns. Muftis who  even consider answering  whether  the papsmear filth and obscenity  renders ghusal waajib or  invalidates the fast are, at the minimum, dense in their brains, and worse, they derive carnal lust from the vilest act of prostitution, namely the nauseating papsear satanism.


What has happened to the brains of these muftis? They totally overlook the haraam shaitaani obscenity and the rape of the women in the name of this mock test for cancer, and issue rubbish fatwas on an issue which should not be entertained. When the question of ghusl becoming waajib and fast breaking in the wake of this obscenity is asked, how can a mufti bypass the rape of the woman and say that even if she is raped by the devil her fast is intact and ghusl is not waajib?


In effect, the moron papsmear mufti implies that raping a woman with the papsmear satanism is permissible, hence no ghusl is waajib and the fast is not invalidated. Only a Rubbish born to be Rubbish, decreed to be Rubbish in Azal can ever stoop to the gutter level of sewer rats or worse, to overlook the   raping act and to answer stupid questions pertaining to ghusl and fasting. What type of Imaan does these papsmear muftis have? Are they not revolted into disgust by the filth of papsmear immorality?


The obscene papsmear test renders ghusal waajib. It breaks the fast. It is horrendously obscene and haraam. The questioner mentions the condition”without desire”. What is the guarantee for the woman not developing desire when the instrument is inserted deep into her vagina by a faasiq/faajir/kaafir male doctor?


The scenario is absolutely horrendous and obscene. Imagine your wife laying with her legs wide spread open, flat on a table with her legs in stirrups and a male doctor manhandling her vagina. How is it ever possible for a husband to even contemplate his wife being subjected to such a filthy Satanist procedure?  Even if we assume that ghusal is not waajib in terms of Fiqhi masaa-il, then too Ihtiyaat and Imaani Ghairat demand that the Mufti decrees that ghusal is waajib. In fact, the mufti should decree that Tajdeed-e-Imaan is also Waajib.


It is supreme jahaalat to cite from the Fiqhi texts to apply rulings for the consequences of the papsmear immorality. The Fuqaha did not speak on the issue of papsmear. Papsmear did not exist during their time. The insertion of the finger for applying medicine is not papsmear. Papsmear is a revolting and disgusting act of rape under medical cover.


Papsmear is sexual intercourse on another satanic level. The experts of this satanism describing papsmear say:

“A vaginal speculum is a tool that doctors use during pelvic exams. Made of metal or plastic, it’s hinged and shaped like a duck’s bill. Your doctor inserts the speculum into your vagina and gently opens it during your exam.

Speculums come in different sizes. Your doctor will choose the size to use based on your age and the length and width of your vagina.

Doctors use vaginal speculums to spread and hold open your vaginal walls during an exam. This allows them to see your vagina and cervix more easily. Without the speculum, your doctor won’t be able to do a comprehensive pelvic exam.”


What utter disgust, filth and obscenity is a woman subjected to when undergoing this type of sexual intercourse? The haraam device is inserted and movements are made.


Further simulating the act of sexual intercourse, the Rubbish, Devil doctor will “warm or lightly lubricate the speculum (the artificial male organ for insertion) before inserting  it to help make  you  more comfortable………..Your doctor will insert two lubricated and gloved fingers into your vagina….”


The mufti who provides the slightest scope for permissibility for this obscentity and for saying that ghusl is not waajib and that the fast does not break is indeed an illegitimate child of Iblees. His brains are impregnated with filth and obscenity. He must be a porn addict to even entertain the questions.


When the human shaitaan inserts the instrument deep into the vagina of your wife he simulates the act of intercourse, sometimes unintentionally and in most cases intentionally. The rubbish derives carnal gratification from this insertion.


As far as Fiqhi texts are concerned, despite the claim of ghusal not being waajib mutlaqan, the Ihtiyaat is on ghusal. Check Muniyah. Furthermore, the objective (maqsood) of this filth is not tadaawi. The objective is supposedly to test for an imaginary disease. But as far as these fujjaar are concerned this hallucinatory test is accompanied by lust as well. We have spoken to Deendaar doctors who confirm the lustful and obscene aspects.


Shaami narrating from Nooh Afendi on the basis of At-Tajnees, says: “Verily, the Mukhtaar is Wujoob-e-Ghusal when the intention is istimtaa’ because shahwat is ghaalib…”


The Shaarih of Al-Muniyah states: “It is aulaa for ghusal to be waajib if the insertion is in the vagina.”


Understand well that the aforementioned ikhtilaaf relates to a scenario wherein the finger is inserted for valid medical purposes. The current papsmear scenario was never imagined by the Fuqaha.


That any Mufti who understands what this satanic obscenity entails, saying that ghusal is not waajib defies credulity. Ghusal is Waajib.


If any Mufti desires to challenge this unequivocal claim, let him state his dalaa-il and have it published. Insha-Allah, we shall then with Allah’s fadhl thoroughly demolish the papsmear ziggzaggery of the mufti. It is unthinkable that a mufti could find even the slightest justification for an act which puts even Iblees to shame.


Only a jaahil, maajin ‘mufti’ whose brains have become convoluted with papsmear filth, will search the kutub for permissibility for this nauseatingly filthy papsmear act. The issue of the obscene satanic act breaking or not breaking the fast, or ghusal becoming waajib or not should not be the consideration. The very filthy papsmear immorality should be proclaimed haraam. The fullstop should be on its prohibition. There is no need to proceed beyond this full stop. On the contrary, it will be prudent to decree Tajdeed-e-Imaan (Renewal of Imaan) for the prostitute-type woman who agrees to subject herself to such a filthy, immoral act.

20 Ramadhaan 1442 – 3 May 2021