Please advise the Muslim community regarding Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape and its relationship with Mujlisul Ulama. The JUWC is on a collection drive in Natal and Gauteng. Will Zakaat and other funds be correctly discharged if entrusted to this organization?  JUWC suggested that Mujlisul Ulama is fully in support of its projects.



We have received numerous queries regarding Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape on the issue mentioned in the question. While A.S. Desai together with Ulama had formed Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape about six decades ago, we are currently not associated with the projects of JUWC.  We are not in charge of JUWC.


We abhor public collection drives, especially by Ulama. In the past too we have published articles deprecating these demeaning collection drives which do not befit Ulama. Ulama must sit at home, inform the community of its projects and repose trust on Allah Ta’ala. If Allah Ta’ala wills, He will inspire people to contribute to genuine and worthy projects. That is the way we operate.


When Ulama move from door to door with cap in hand, it drastically impugns their integrity. Our detailed article on this subject will appear in the latest Majlis in a few days time, Insha-Allah. We do not support collection drives. Our advice is for the Ulama to remain at home and work within the means Allah Ta’ala makes available.


Funds contributed to JUWC or to any other body or organization claiming association with us, should not be given on this basis. People should ascertain for themselves whether the projects claimed are in existence or not. While JUWC has letters which Mujlisul Ulama had issued, these do not pertain to collecting funds. We do not take any responsibility for the projects of JUWC. We did not and do not authorize public collection drives.

21 Ramadhaan 1442 – 4 May 2021