During this glorious month of Ramadhaan a Zina Souk of the Devil was held at the so-called Nurul Islam Masjid where the Devil’s covid protocols are rigidly observed. A Sister reporting the evil and immorality which prevailed at the Devil’s Souk, writes:

ASSALAAMUALAYKUM, I hope that Hazrat is well.


Nurul Islam Masjid in Lenasia is one of the few Masjids where strict social distancing is followed in Salaah. This weekend there was an Eid souk at the Masjid hall. Usually, these type indoor souks are for women only. There will be women selling tupperwares, AMC pots, make up, Eid chevro and baking and abayas. So I went, thinking it will be a women only event.

As I entered the hall, I was shocked to see men with kurtas and  beards inside the hall. There was absolutely no social distancing between the men and women. It was choked, packed to capacity. I couldn’t enter further than the entrance due to the number of people filling up the place. I couldn’t go further than the entrance, due to the men filled up next to all the women inside. I found it strange that not one man had enough brains to think that this wasn’t a place for men, and to use the extra aql they have, to leave the hall. If you are a man, with even a little brains, and you find yourself surrounded in a small hall which is full of women in parda, the common sense thing to do, is to leave the hall. I had to leave immediately.

This was totally unexpected. All the moffies who came along with their wives to buy tupperwares and AMC pots was not something I thought I would find  at what is normally a women’s only function . Plus in Ramadhaan.  I would have taken pictures to send to Hazrat as proof, but I was in too much shock to know what to do. Aunties in parda, uncles with beards and Kurtas, all standing shoulder to shoulder in the hall, browsing and shopping. While in the Nurul Islam Masjid where is men only during Salaah, they practice social distancing in Salaah. They separate the men from the men in Salaah, but not the men from the women in the hall. WAS SALAAM

(End of the Sister’s comments)


May Allah Ta’ala either guide or destroy these munaafiqeen who masquerade as Muslims under abayas, kurtahs and beards. They are all the progeny of Iblees begotten illegitimately.

21 Ramadhaan 1442 – 4 May 2021