Commenting on the absolutely baatil vaccine views and moronic fatwa of the Wifaqul Madaaris Ulama of Pakistan, a Sister who is a trueWaliah, states: 

“ Assalamoalaikum

Its ironical to read the Sheikh-ul-Hadeeths and Sheikhul-Islams advising the Ummah to postpone weddings and if they can't do this they should have the weddings in the simplest of manner according to Sunnah. Are weddings supposed to be according to Sunnah only in this covid scenario or always? 

Why did Mufti Taqi Uthmani forget this simplicity lesson when he held a grand walima for his elder son with 1200 invitees and lavish arrangements? 

And where does all their simplicity bayans go, when they construct their DarulUlooms, with landscaped lawns sprawling all over acres, spending billions on these constructions. The building of Khairul Madaris, complete with the most expensive chandeliers, whose  Rector is Maulana Hanif Jalandhri, will put even the palaces of the oil rich gulf sheikhs to shame. From where do they get billions for such constructions, and then for maintenance? 

The stark poverty around these Darul Ulooms is all the more glaringly conspicuous. 

They have spent decades studying and teaching Bukhari and Muslim. Who is supposed to know the lessons better than them?  But where did all the beautiful teaching of RasoolAllahصلى الله عليه وسلم   go while they are towing the guide lines of WHO ?   Wassalam”.

(End of the Waliah’s most appropriate Comments)


May Allah Ta’ala reward this pious Sister abundantly for her candid and forthright Naseehat and clobbering these miscreant muftis, molvis, sheikhul hadiths and shiekhul islams. They wallow in fitnah and the fitnah will strangle them in this dunya and in the Aakhirat. Despite the heart-rending suffering of millions of Muslims all over the globe, especially in the Land of Shaam, these molvis with their myopic vision focussed on their silly darul uloom empires, are totally oblivious of the conflagration consuming the Ummah.


Like drunken louts do they indulge in squandering billions of rupees in sand, stone and water to construct palaces while in Syria hundreds of thousands of refugees, mostly women and children, are crying out for tents to shelter themselves from the cruel weather conditions. What has happened to the Imaan of these Ulama-e-Soo’ who night and day teach Bukhaari, Muslim and Tafseerul Qur’aan? Their brains have become satanized because they say that the haraam protocols of the atheists are to be adopted in negation of the Protocols of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah which they had practically demonstrated during plagues.


All around these massive, palace-type ‘darul ulooms’ in Pakistan are squalor, filth, gross jahaalat and poverty, but these heartless ‘ulama’ continue blindly with their haraam, extravagant constructions using ill-gotten funding. Are they not aware that Allah Ta’ala asks in the Qur’aan Majeed:


“What! Do you construct mansions/palaces as if you are going to live forever (here on this ephemeral earth)?”


These miscreant molvis, hadhrats and sheikhs should hang their heads in shame and commit suicide in their cesspools of evil, inequity, fisq, fujoor and bid’ah. They are utterly bereft of any feeling for the suffering Ummah. The Ummah is ablaze, burning  into destruction, but these unfortunate molvis pertinaciously pursue the contemptible gains of the dunya in the name of the Deen.


They have converted their ‘darul ulooms’ into Daarul Jahls – Abodes of Ignorance.  The atmosphere of a genuine Darul Uloom is permeated with the ethos of Ghaar-e-Hira, not with the style of the Yahood and Nasaara and of people who have no conception of the Aakhirah. Only haraam, carrion and riba fatwas can be expected from such ulama-soo’.

27 Ramadhaan 1442 – 10 May 2021