The Astro Turf


The following is a verbatim reproduction of the letter by concerned members of the Empangeni Muslim community:

“The musjid in Empangeni has decided with the approval of Mufti Ebrahim Desai to build an astro turf soccer field on the musjid premises, whilst the premises is waqf. The project is spearheaded by the main Imaam and a collection drive is on for the funds of approximately R450 000. The organizers feel that they will attract people to the musjid and save them from the evils out there. The usual suspects that are being followed are the Ulema and community in Stanger (apparently Stanger has a similar facility in their muslim school yard). This astro turf will apparently be open to females asking them to adhere to purdah whilst they make use of the facility. The project seems rushed to beat anyone putting a stop to it.

1) Can such a project be done on waqf land?

2) Can females play sport in the musjid yard?

3) Should the organizers lease the land and pay a fee to the musjid?

(End of letter)

Brief answers

(1) It is haraam to construct this satanic project on even upon-Waqf land. Using the Musjid’s Waqf land for this purely shaitaani project is a crime of capital proportions. It is haraam without a shred of doubt.

(2) It is doubly HARAAM for females to participate in the shaitaani sporting activities the haraam astro turf will be catering for. When it is not permissible for them to visit even the Musjid, how can any Muslim with sound Aql and sound Imaan ever condone and promote female participation in baatil?

(3) It is haraam for the Empangeni Muslim Society to lease any portion of the Waqf land for this haraam project. The rent acquired from the haraam project may not be used for the Musjid.


(1) Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that all sports are HARAAM.

(2) The astro turf project is haraam in terms of the Qur’aan, Surah Luqmaan, Aayat 6.

(3)  All sporting activities at the astro turf will be in emulation of the kuffaar. Such tashabbuh is haraam.

(4) The venue (the field) itself is in emulation of the kuffaar.

(5) Women will be lured to the haraam venue. They will incumbently be adorned in their finery and be perfumed. They will emerge like zaaniyahs as is mentioned in the Hadith. Their emergence will necessarily be in violation of Hijaab.

(6) Land is made waqf for haraam activity. This is tantamount to kufr. The waqf for this purpose is itself baatil / haraam. It is like reciting Bismillaah when consuming pork.

(7) Muslims are duped to contribute for a haraam project on the understanding that it is an undertaking of thawaab.

(8) Amid the suffering of the Ummah, a million rands will be squandered satanically. Contributing for this project will be aiding in sin and transgression.

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