Malfoothaat Part 2

Malfoozaat Part 2

209.  SYSTEM

Just as lack of system and order in mundane affairs, are detrimental in worldly matters, so too are they harmful in spiritual affairs.

(There should be system and order in our Ibaadat and all Deeni matters.)


A Molvi said: “People who had opposed the Ambiyaa were punished. Will people also be punished for their opposition to the Auliyaa?”

Hadhrat replied: “The Nubuwwat of the Ambiyaa is absolute, hence punishment for opposing the Ambiyaa is also absolute. However, Wilaayat (sainthood) is not absolute.

The sin of opposing a Wali by a person who is unaware of the Saint’s Wilaayat is like the sin of opposing Muslims in general. It is not permissible to unnecessary harm or hurt any Muslim. If the one who opposes is aware of the Wilaayat of the Wali, then his opposition without a valid reason is a sin graver than the sin mentioned earlier. In this regard it is narrated in the Hadith:

“Whoever harms my Wali, verily I give him notice of war.”

If the opposition offered is for a valid reason, but the statement / act of the Wali can be reconciled by some interpretation, then the opponent who states the truth will not be punished. Opposition to the Auliya is dangerous.

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Malfoothaat Part 2